Kansas cop fired after threatening a child on Facebook

Kansas Cop Fired For Threatening To Harm A Child On Facebook

A Kansas police officer was terminated after he threatened to harm a complete stranger’s five-year-old little girl on Facebook following the attack on Dallas police.

On Friday, Officer Rodney Lee Wilson was permanently relieved of his duties on the Overland Park force after he left a disturbing comment under a 2014 photo of LaNaydra Williams’ five-year-old daughter, India.

Wilson commented, “We’ll see how much her life matters soon. Better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found 🙂 Hold her close tonight it’ll be the last time.”


Kansas cop Rodney Lee Wilson threatens child on Facebook


Completely shaken to the core, LaNaydra told WDAF, “We’re already on edge, so why would you do that?”

Overland Park police fired Rodney Lee Wilson the next morning. In a statement, Chief Francis Donchez Jr. said , “It was obvious that our officer did not meet the standards of professionalism.”

Donchez also called Williams to apologize.

Thanks for the apology, but where are the charges against Wilson for making terroristic threats against a child? FOH!

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