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Mike Epps Issues An Apology For His Kangaroo Shenanigans

Mike Epps has issued an apology for his kangaroo shenanigans over the weekend, but it hasn’t stopped the feds from investigating the incident.

In case you missed it, the comedian brought a kangaroo on stage during his Festival of Laughs comedy tour performance in Detroit. When things got a little crazy on stage, he was raked over the coals and accused of animal cruelty.

TMZ is now reporting the U.S. Dept of Agriculture is now investigating the incident.

A rep for the U.S. Dept of Agriculture tells us the agency wants to make sure the kangaroo was not being mishandled during the comedy show where Mike Epps performed Friday night in Detroit. As we told you, many fans in the audience felt the kangaroo was cruelly displayed onstage. It was lifted up multiple times, and at least once Epps grabbed the animal’s harness to pose for a photo.

The rep says the Animal Welfare Act requires all handlers to be “in control of the animal at all times.”

Mike took to Instagram on Sunday evening and posted this apology:

Look I wanna sincerely apologize to everybody ,I don’t own the kangaroo and did not mean any harm to the animal it got outta hand and Iam sorry !and like I said I will be donating money to this foundation save the kangaroos! Sorry if I offedend anybody I love animals sense I was a kid I had dogs my whole life!!#imadeabadmistake I keep taking down my post because of the back lash Iam getting!! thank you for forgiveness!!

Unfortunately, the apology isn’t smoothing things over as well as Mike Epps would have hoped.

Your thoughts?

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