Kandi Burruss Didn't Plan To Reunite With Xscape

Kandi Burruss Didn’t Plan To Reunite With Xscape

If you’re wondering why Kandi Burruss appears to be in Xscape under protest it’s because she is.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star told People an Xscape reunion wasn’t part of her plan. She simply wanted the girls to get together to halt an unauthorized biopic about their group and the “reunion” took on a life of it’s own.

It wasn’t a planned reunion.

What happened was a network was going to do an unauthorized movie about us, and of course I’m not going to let somebody just take my legacy. So I called my group members and we were all able to have a conversation to start trying to get our story told the right way.

But, before the ladies to move forward to tell their own story, Kandi demanded that Tamika Scott give her a pubic apology for saying she [allegedly] slept with Jermaine Dupri and his daddy, Michael Mauldin.

I was like, I need a public apology. She’s going to have to say to the world that the stuff that she said about me was a lie. And so in doing that — we did it on the radio — and the radio disc jockey, he’s like, ‘Oh, Xscape is back!’ I was like, ‘Xscape is not back!’ All of a sudden we started getting all these offers to perform and do shows, so I just went with the flow for the moment.

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Kandi Burruss went on to say being in Xscape is stressful because there’s “always drama” and the other three ladies are always in cahoots to make her look like the villain.

It’s always drama.

We all think differently when it comes to handling business, or at least, the three of them think differently than me. It’s always them three against me, and I feel like I’m always made to be the villain. It’s really irritating and stressful.

Kandi credits the fans for giving her the energy she needs to continue on with the tour.

The first three shows we did in the summer were all sold out, and now we’re about to go on tour and the tickets are selling like crazy.

I didn’t even realize how much people did love us as a group, which is a great thing. If nothing else, I am enjoying this time because of the fans.

Chile. This is a flame-broiled mess that could have been easily avoided had Kandi shut down the false reunion assumption from the door.

At this point, you gotta suck it up and secure the bag, sis.