Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” should have been dubbed “The Atlanta Tea Party,” cause Honeeeey there was an abundance of Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, and Tazo all over the floor!

The biggest pearl-clutching moment was when Phaedra Parks accused Kandi Burruss and Shamea Morton of carrying on a low-key lesbian relationship.

Peep the clip below.

Speaking exclusively with Bravo, Kandi is calling BS on Phaedra’s tea and she blasts Porsha Williams for being “fake.”

I was cracking up! First of all, what Phaedra said was some bullsh–, but what she did was just an example of what I was talking about. She’s been doing shady things and saying shady things behind my back for years now. That is why I really don’t mess with her like that. Although I shouldn’t have said some of the things Phaedra and I had talked about in private to anyone (I especially shouldn’t have said it on camera for the world to hear), but at least what I said was true. Phaedra is whispering made-up stories, telling them this untrue Shamea story, and her rationale is “we are close.” Girl, you’re reaching!

If that’s the case, Phaedra and I used to be close. So does that mean the same goes for us, and then Porsha’s fake, hypocritical ass is going to sit there and co-sign that about her best friend (we had just watched them in a scene right before). And right after that Porsha’s telling me I’m wrong for saying something about my ex friend, but she just co-signed a story Phaedra made up about Shamea, who is her current best friend. SMH… I remember when Porsha first brought Shamea around us years ago, Shamea said something about Phaedra coming at her ex-husband inappropriately. Phaedra denied it, but Porsha didn’t have a problem with what Shamea said. Now all of a sudden because she has this alliance going with Phaedra she wants to pretend like she’s bothered by what Shamea said. Girl, bye. This is not new news to you.

Shamea really felt betrayed by Porsha co-signing Phaedra’s accusations.

In case you missed it, Shamea and Porsha were as tight as too small drawers before Phaedra needed an ally.

Let me take a moment to acknowledge Sheree Whitfield aka “The Courier,” who transported the tea throughout the show to make sure the pot was stirred!

They are really going hard in the paint to portray Kandi Burruss as a lesbian this season.

Your thoughts?