kandi-burruss-todd-tucker kicked off Hawaiian Airlines


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker had quite an interesting experience with Hawaiian Airlines after the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars were booted off of their flight “for no reason.”

The static began when the couple’s tickets weren’t showing up in the system. The situation escalated to the point of Kandi and Todd being asked to get off of the plane for “causing a commotion.”

Kandi detailed the incident via her Instagram page:

#HawaiianAirlines just kicked us off for no reason. This was so crazy & random! We were sitting in our seat & the gate ticketer came on & asked to see my ticket because it wasn’t showing up in their system. I gave him my ticket but it had our baggage claim checks on the back. He never brought it back & the plane started rolling off. I asked the flight attendant where was my ticket & told him I needed the baggage claim ticket just in case my bags didn’t make the flight. The flight attendant left & came back & said the pilot was calling to check & then the next thing I know this lady comes on the plane & said she needed Todd & I to get off the plane because we caused some sort of commotion… ? Really???? I barely said a word to that flight attendant. Everybody sitting around us was like what are they talking about! This sh*t is crazy.

See the video below.



It appears everything got worked out because Peter Thomas posted a photo of the annoyed couple on the plane with the caption, “@kandiburruss @todd167 NOT HAPPY WITH THE BULLSH*T THAT JUST HAPPEN…..”


Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks aka “Frick and Frack” snapped a selfie before their flight.


Hopefully, they will be able to enjoy their trip.

If not, I’m sure the RHOA cameras will capture the drama for our viewing pleasure.