K. Michelle

K. Michelle recently stopped by the “Big Tigger Show” for a candid and unfiltered convo about everything including her new album, her new love, and their plans to have “designer babies.”

The R&B singer and reality TV star revealed she and her boo, Dr. Kastan Sims, want twin girls and they’re planning to go to New York to get their “designer babies.”

We want twins. We’re going to the doctor – you know they have these designer babies?

They are called designer babies. If you go to the UK, they did the first batch of these babies – I’m not doing this because I like God.

But, I’m doing the kind where I make sure my babies don’t have cancer, they don’t have Down Syndrome, I’m not changing any physical looks or anything like that. I just want them to be healthy, and I want two little girls. So, we’re going to have two little girls.

We’re going to New York Presbyterian and we’re gonna do it.

Watch the clip below as K. Michelle explains:



Well congratulations to K. Michelle and Kastan!

I wish them the very best.

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