K. Michelle fires shots at Idris Elba.

One of the things I love most about K. Michelle is her brutal honesty. At the same time, some things should be left unsaid.

It appears the singer is still harboring resentment over her old eight-month love affair with Idris Elba.

As you may know, most of K. Michelle’s last album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, was inspired by Idris. And it looks like her new album will be as well.

During a late-night studio session, K. Michelle posted and deleted the following on Instagram, “Post Delete my favorite song so far on album 3. Still singing about him. Smh. I realize sometimes nothin ain’t nothin. F**k him and that baby momma ? oh and his new song sucks, stick to what u do.”

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During an interview with Wendy Williams, K. Michelle revealed she ended her relationship with the Golden Globe-winning actor after his son was born to avoid being labeled as a “homewrecker.”

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