K. Michelle - Memphitz


Over the weekend, K. Michelle opened up and spoke from her heart on her Twitter account.

In a series of tweets, the “Love Em All” singer shared her frustrations, anger, and hurt about all of the years she says no one believed her when she said she was beaten by Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

“For 2years Black women beat me up. Called me crazy & a liar, and now all of a sudden everybody believes me and I’m supposed 2b healed from that,” she wrote.

K. Michelle also took responsibility for the negative perception she’s received based on her actions on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” saying, “I spent years on TV fighting other black women, because no1 believed my abuse. Even though I was fighting 2b heard, it looked bad 4my culture & bad on me as a woman. People picked up perceptions of me based on my hurt.”

Last week, Memphitz turned himself in to police on felony charges of aggravated assault and armed robbery. K. Michelle said she finally feels safe now that he’s behind bars.

“Imagine walking around fearing ur life. This is the 1st time I’ve felt safe In 5yrs because he’s in jail,” she shared.

In her rant, K. Michelle also lashed out at black media for tearing her down.

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