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A judge shut down Flo Rida‘s request to dismiss his monthly child support payments for his disabled son.

According to Bossip, Flo’s attorney, Howard Felcher, tried to use a technicality to get the rapper out of his $8,000 monthly payments to Alexis Adams for their son, Zohar, claiming she sued him in New York when she was an Atlanta resident.

Adams’ attorney, Jack Giordano, shut all of that down saying his client was born and raised in New York, she received her prenatal and postnatal care in the Big Apple and the baby was born in New York.

Giordano also blasted Flo for fighting Alexis over “chump change” and told the court the rapper referred to his son as a “devil child.”

Long story short – both parties have to provide their financial records by the end of June. If they cannot agree on the child support…they’ll be headed back to court.

The judge also ordered Flo Rida to pay Alexis’ $10,000 in attorney’s fees.