Suge Knight Get Trial Date

A Los Angeles judge has finally set a date for the murder trial against fallen Hip Hop mogul Suge Knight.

On Thursday, Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen announced Suge’s trial will begin within 10 days of January 8, 2018. Coen assured Suge Knight the date was “set in stone.”

Knight was arrested in early 2015 after he ran over two men outside of a Compton burger stand.

Via Page Six:

“I want to get back to my family,” Knight said during the hearing in Los Angeles after complaining about his lack of access to legal experts to help his defense.

Knight has pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder charges and his lawyers have said he was fleeing armed attackers when he struck the men. Businessman Terry Carter was killed and Cle “Bone” Sloan was seriously injured. Knight could face life in prison if convicted.

Carter’s daughter Nekaya Carter said her family is glad that a trial date has finally been set.

“It’s far away but it’s a step,” she said after the hearing.

Coen said the trial was expected to last a month and he ordered court officials to provide 200 potential jurors who could serve on a case that long.

Knight, 51, was recently hospitalized for complications from blood clots that formed after he was shot in 2014. He said Thursday that he was feeling much better.

Suge’s son, Jacob Knight, who has spoken out about the mistreatment of his father in jail, recently shut down a false report that claimed Knight said his ex-wife Sharitha Golden and former Death Row Chief of Security Reggie White Jr. killed Tupac.

This is terrible publicity stunt and these are the same ones that want to keep my father locked up. Tryna Profit Off My Dads life is sick and he deserves his rights and freedom! They never mentioned him getting shot back then now they say this?

I’m sure Jacob is happy his father finally has a trial date.

Your thoughts?

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