Judge Rules Meek Mill Violated His Probation

Meek Mill returned to court on Thursday, but despite putting forth his best efforts and testimony from Nicki Minaj, the judge still ruled the rapper violated his probation.

Meek, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, testified for over an hour and became emotional at times as he tried to convince Judge Brinkley he’s a changed man, who now walks differently beside his Queen Nicki.

I’m don’t wanna be a criminal. I’m not a gangsta. But I’m not a perfect man…I have the potential to be greater than I am today.

I walk around with Queen Nicki. Things are different now. I act different. I walk different. I can be the biggest rapper in the world.

Unfortunately, the judge didn’t scoop what Meek was putting down. She told the rapper the cold water he submitted for a urine test and the travel restrictions he broke constitutes a “technical violation” of probation.

Meek Mill is scheduled to return to court on February 5 for sentencing.

In the meantime, he is not allowed to perform or travel outside of the five counties surrounding Philly.

Court reporter Bobby Allyn, who was on hand for the hearing, shared the inside scoop via Twitter.

Peep his tweets.