Cyntoia Brown has been prohibited from having contact with her 11-year-old stepson.

Jaime Long‘s ex, Stacey Kirkland, filed court documents claiming she is genuinely concerned for her young son’s safety after his father married a convicted murderer.

Stacey and J. Long’s original parenting plan required them to inform the other parent of their intentions to live with or marry someone.

After Jaime discovered Cyntoia on YouTube and burned the edges of his letter…he was all in and the parenting plan went out of the window.

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In an affidavit obtained by Bossip, Stacey wrote:

I am extremely concerned about the safety of our young son, and do not believe that his father, Jaime, will take proper measures to protect (the boy) from danger.

A Texas Family Court judge signed off on the Stacey Kirkland’s request to change their custody terms and granted a restraining order the prohibits Cyntoia Brown from coming within 500 feet of her stepson.

Awww dang! This is so unfortunate.

Hopefully, at some point, they all can become a healthy blended family.

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