Judge Wapner Dies At 97

Another piece of my childhood has departed this life.

Judge Joseph Wapner of “The People’s Court” passed away of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Sunday. He was 97.

Via CNN.com:

The famed judge taped more than 2,000 episodes of “The People’s Court” during his 12-year tenure on the program, inspiring decades of similar courtroom shows, including “Judge Judy” and “Judge Joe Brown.”

Prior to stardom, Wapner graduated with both his undergraduate degree in 1941 and his law degree in 1948 from the University of Southern California, and served in the US Army as a lieutenant. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in World War II.

“He is a man of the greatest honor and integrity that anybody has ever met, and he certainly passed that down to both of us,” said David Miron-Wapner, another of the late judge’s two sons.

Andrew Guzman, dean of the USC Gould School of Law, said “‘People’s Court’ brought our system of justice into American homes and was truly revolutionary.”

Wapner is also survived by Mickey, his wife of 70 years, two daughters-in-law, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

“He influenced us in so many ways, it’s impossible,” Fred Wapner said. “He will be really missed.”

Rest well, Judge Wapner.

My condolences to his family.

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