A judge has denied DJ Spinderella‘s request for a temporary restraining order against Salt-N-Pepa opting to send the ladies to mediation instead.

In May, Spinderella revealed she had been fired from the iconic Hip Hop trio via email.

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Two months later, she filed a lawsuit against Salt-N-Pepa for over $600,000 in unpaid royalties over the past decade.

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Spin also claims she wasn’t paid for appearing on VH1′s “The Salt-N-Pepa Show,” and she didn’t get any coins for performing with the group at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

In a statement to Billboard, Spin’s attorney said:

Although the Court denied today’s request for a temporary restraining order, Salt-N-Pepa have agreed [to] not make any reference to Spinderella in connection with any promotion, and will make good faith efforts to cause others to honor the same.

Meanwhile…back at the “Push It” ranch, Salt and Pepa released the following statement:

A U.S. District Court Judge in the Dallas District today rejected DJ Spinderella’s requests for immediate relief against Salt-N-Pepa and its management, ordering the case to mediation.

Unfortunately, Spin and her legal team adopted a scorched earth approach that brought unnecessary attention to a business dispute that all along could have, and should have, been settled amicably and privately.

Well, now the ladies are headed to mediation and hopefully they will settle their differences or at least settle their debt to Spinderella.

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