Judge Denies Kevin Hart's Motion To Dismiss $2M Lawsuit Against Him
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A judge has denied Kevin Hart’s motion to dismiss a $2 million lawsuit against him.

iGo Marketing & Entertainment is suing the comedian and actor for breach of contract claiming he signed a deal with them to negotiate marketing and celebrity tie-in deals on his behalf.

But, everything went left in 2015 when Kevin signed a deal with Rally Healthcare.

Via The Blast:

iGo claims they negotiated a three-year deal between Kevin Hart and Rally that called for the comedian to get paid partly in cash and part in stock options.

In 2015, Hart then terminated the deal with iGo but they claim that didn’t allow him to stop paying the commission on deals they locked down. They claim Hart did not pay them their 15% on the third year option of the deal or for the value of the stock option.

A New York judge says iGo has enough evidence to move forward and take their case to trial, which is slated to begin January 17, 2019, a month before he’s set to host the Oscars.

Kevy Kev better see if he can settle this case out so that he can focus on his “opportunity of a lifetime.”

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