JT took to social media on Sunday with a warning for women who go the extra mile to “keep it real” for their man.

The City Girls rapper was recently released from prison after serving a large portion of her two-year sentence for credit card fraud.

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And during her time in the concrete hotel, JT says she encountered a lot of women who were behind bars because they were influenced to do the wrong thing by their man, who didn’t keep it real once they got locked up.

I was locked up w/ so many women who were in prison because they kept it real w/ men & those men did not keep it real with them! I want y’all to know that whatever you do DONT let a man influence you in the moment of “love” if he love you he wouldn’t put you in situations PERIOD.

& it’s not called being stupid, it’s called being influenced In a state of vulnerability! We taking these n***as money & putting our self first from here on out!


Peep JT’s tweet below.


Ladies, have you ever played the fool and ended up taking an L for your man?