’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Josh Duggar Releases A Statement Regarding His Molestation Scandal & Mama June Threatens To Sue TLC

That “program” was actually a family friend, who had a home remodeling business. All he offered Josh was home renovation tips and guy talk.

When Josh returned from his “program,”  Jim Bob and a few church elders took him to visit Arkansas State Trooper, Jim Hutchens, for a mini scared straight intervention.

Interestingly enough, Jim Hutchens is now serving a 56-year prison sentence for child pornography.

The Duggars were slated to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show in 2006, but a letter to the show informing them of Josh Duggar’s molestation allegation quickly deterred that plan.

When Harpo Studios received the letter, they immediately faxed it to the Department of Human Services hotline. The report was then opened for investigation, leading to the investigation by Springdale police.

When the police contacted Jim Bob and asked him to bring Josh in for questioned, he refused and lawyered his son up. The Duggar dad told police that his son has apologized to all of his victims and they have forgiven him.

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