In October 2013, Ashley Doohen left her son alone with Patterson in their home. Shortly thereafter, Joey called 911 to report the child had choked on a piece of candy. When paramedics arrived the child was unresponsive. After he was transported to the hospital, doctors determined the child had been severely shaken and abused.

The child remained on life support for two days until Ashley made the decision to remove him so that his organs could be donated to others in need.

During his sentencing, Joseph Patterson maintained his innocence saying, “Losing Ty felt like losing a piece of my heart. Put yourself in my shoes. Imagine dealing with that pain … and then be left with the finger pointed at you.”

He also chastised the courts for depriving him of a fair trial. Patterson continued, “I find it very hard to believe that people hadn’t heard about this. Can one honestly say I was given the fairness I deserve?”

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