The Real - Joseline Hernandez -Kirk Frost

Joseline Hernandez is sitting in as guest co-host of “The Real” this week and you know the she weighed in on Rasheeda and Kirk Frost‘s mistress drama.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” said Rasheeda is a nice lady, but she went on to say when you pretend to have a picture perfect marriage – your tea will eventually get spilled.

I love Rasheeda. She’s a good lady.

And she’s been married… I think they’ve been married for like fifteen years.

But this is what I always say about people that’s doing reality TV. Don’t come in there faking it. ‘Cause guess what, it always come out in the light.

So you come up in there, you know, for six years. You think, you know, you showing to the world, “Oh we perfect. Nothing ever happened to us.” If you notice, on Love & Hip Hop, Rasheeda and Kirk is always the cleanest one. Right? And so they never have no tea going on. But guess what, when you faking it, the truth always come out. So you know what, I hear in Atlanta. I know a lot of people. You know, I stay in the streets. I keep my ears close to the street, okay.

‘Cause, I got to know what’s going on honey. I got to be prepared for them little…

The word is that he do got a baby and you know, it’s not from Rasheeda. It’s from some ex-stripper that used to…

Honey, could the strippers get their coins?

Watch the clip below:


Be sure to tune in to “The Real” on Wednesday, January 25, to get the full scoop.

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