Even if the DNA tests prove Stevie J is da pappy, Mimi Faust wants no parts of Joseline and/or her baby – especially not around her daughter, Eva Giselle.

In a recent interview with VH1, Mimi said:

I want nothing to do with that woman, or her child. I’m sorry, she has done the most horrible things to me. She’s done horrible things to my family. She’s made serious serious accusations about my daughter, her father, her grandfather. It’s disgusting. I absolutely want nothing to do with her. Ever. Ever. Ever. Nor my child. So, unless that child is of age and can go somewhere on its own, and she has nothing to do with it, maybe then yes, but if my daughter has to be around her again, that’s not happening. Ever again in life.

Can you blame Mimi?

Your thoughts?