Joseline Hernandez Threatens To Sue Mona Scott-Young For $150K

Joseline Hernandez Threatens To Sue Mona Scott-Young

Last month, Joseline Hernandez announced she was quitting “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” but it appears she may have already been on the chopping block.

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On Monday night, season 6 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” closed out with a highlight reel of Joseline showing her “Puerto Rican Princess” behind – from fighting to threatening the production team.

The LHHATL producers noted:

Over 6 season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline has always been difficult for security and producers. As production wrapped on Season 6, Joseline became increasingly uncooperative. Joseline refused to answer interview questions or show up for scenes. And production was forced to work around her.

After learning that Stevie J stood her up [for the Wendy Williams interview], Joseline would not allow production to film her in New York. Her appearance on the Wendy Williams Show was cancelled. Unfortunately we do not know whether or not Joseline will show up to sit on the stage with her castmates for Reunion.

Of course, Joseline took to social media in response by calling out Mona Scott-Young for being the puppet master behind all of the LHHATL foolishness…from orchestrating drama and fights to breaking up Kirk Frost and Rasheeda‘s marriage.

Bonnie Bella‘s mama went on to accuse Mona of owing her $150K and asked Judge Mathis to help her pursue the case. I cunnot.

Read Joseline’s post below.

REALLY THE MANY FACES OF @joseline NOooooooo THE MANY FACES OF #monnascottyoung #VH1 #nfgtv. Y’all knew Stevie just too whoop my ass…….. you turn your cast against each other….. your producers tell lies and tell us to fight each other. #mona you are the cause of companies not giving young talented Hispanics and blacks and opportunities because you make us look crazy with your psychiatrists and Master Destructive Minds Of Producers working there! #vh1 #mona I will let it be known that you’ve covered disturbing life events. You throw the ball and them hide. Stop trying to use something I’ve done 3-4 years ago to make it seem like I’m uncontrollable. You #vh1 and#monnascottyoung would have never let me executive produce a Show for the series of #Lahhatl if I was everything you said I was. Now I will see you in court. Happy fourth✌️✌️✌️

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