Joseline Hernandez took to social media to set the record straight after reports surfaced claiming she lost primary custody of her daughter, Bonnie Bella, to her father, Stevie J.

According to report by Bossip, Stevie J now has temporary primary custody for their baby girl and for the time being he won’t have to pay $1,000/mo in child support.

Stevie attempted to keep it cute by posting a video on Instagram saying:

A lot of stuff going on in the blogs about me and Joseline. We’re co-parenting. Everything’s smooth. Aight?

See the post below.

Joseline Hernandez Addresses Reports She Lost Primary Custody Of Bonnie Bella To Stevie J

Joseline had a few things to get off of her chest on Sunday when she posted a photo of herself and Bonnie Bella with the caption:

My first born harder than a lot of you n***as✌?✌?✌?✌? And let me give you the story myself….

The Primary custody of my daughter belongs to her Mother and her Father. Is sad that you so call reporters obtain fake paperwork to ruin relationships.

So if you had a question of her where abouts…….. She’s in the sky!

As long as Bonnie Bella is being loved and cared for that’s really all that matters.

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