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Jill Scott’s Estranged Husband Countersues In Divorce, Wants Prenup Tossed & $500K In Damages

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Just when you thought the dust was starting to settle, Jill Scott‘s estranged husband has countersued her in their divorced and he wants a half million to boot!

According to Bossip, Mike Dobson wants a judge to toss their prenup because Jilly from Philly and her attorney rolled up on him three weeks before they tied the knot with the docs and he signed them under duress (and without his lawyer) because he loved her.

He’s also claims the singer violated the prenup’s confidentiality agreement by talking to the media about their divorce.

Last, but certainly not least, Mike wants the marital assets split in half and $500,000 in damages for pain and suffering.

Via Bossip:

Scott and Dobson married in June 2017, and but Scott filed for divorce just 15 months later. They have no children.

Earlier this month, Dobson countersued the “Golden” singer for irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct, alleging Scott was a monster wife who routinely tried to use money to control and silence him, treated him like the help and alienated him from his family and friends. Scott would accused him of stealing stuff she’d eventually find and even went on “dates” with “intimate male friends,” Scott’s scorned ex wrote in court papers. And Dobson said Scott was known for emasculating the men in her life, referring to her son as “pretty” instead of “handsome.”

Despite the alleged red flags, the husband said he wanted to make the marriage work and and they attended relationship counseling. But Dobson said out of the blue he came home to find Scott had changed the locks and packed his stuff in boxes in the garage.

Dobson said Scott’s alleged campaign of intimidation didn’t end after they split. He said that Scott has since spread his mugshot among their social circle and accused him of being gay, violent, jobless, unstable and a con artist.

He said the stress of the divorce and Scott’s alleged trash talking triggered a “severe depression,” damaged his reputation, caused mental anguish and he is now in “intensive therapeutic treatment.”


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