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‘Auntie’ Jill Scott Has A Message For Women Doing The #CucumberChallenge (Video)

Singer and actress Jill Scott publicly discourages women from doing the Cucumber Challenge after her own experience with a viral video.

Jill Scott has taken to social media to encourage women not to do the Cucumber Challenge.

In case you missed it, the Cucumber Challenge is the latest craze to hit social media where women are simulating oral pleasures on the fruit that we’ve come to know and love as a veggie.

Jill has had her fair share of unwanted attention after a video of her simulating oral pleasures on her microphone at one of her concerts went viral.

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So she’s now speaking out as a caring “Auntie” advising women that “there is no benefit” to slobbing down cucumbers and added, “doing this will make things for challenging for you.”

Watch below.

Of course, 50 Cent, the half dollar troll, popped up in Jill’s comments to tell her to leave it alone.

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