Jess Hilarious has issued an apology for her comments about the black dollar after receiving a telephone call from T.I.

It all began when the Instagram personality, who has since launched a career in comedy and acting, posted one of her “Jess with the Mess” videos where she clowned the popular Black Dollars Matter hats.

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When some of her fans criticized her for her remarks about the hats, she posted another video telling folks to get out of their feelings.

She went on to chastise black folks for wanting equality, but will “always put a color on everything.”

That’s when T.I. had to pull her by her coattail. The Hip Hop star called Jess and had a private convo with her, where he schooled her on the importance of the black dollar.

After their conversation, Jess issued a public apology.

Peep the videos below.

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