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Jess Hilarious Fires Shots At Kountry Wayne’s Wife With ‘Thotiana’ Freestyle (Video)


Jess Hilarious took to the streets of Instagram and dropped a “Thotiana” freestyle where she seemingly fired shots at Kountry Wayne‘s wife, Gena.

The actress and comedian captioned the video, “I’m a poet ? #bussdownthotianachallenge ??‍♀️”

In the freestyle, Jess raps:

New house, new couch, getting sloppy topiana
Pipe down, baby mama
See, I love him and f–k him and send him back to the drama
Grab me by my neck got the b–ch chopiana
Got mad at me cause you got demoted from wife to baby mama #5
Competition? Stop it, mama
See, I come thru clean dripped down in designer
Big difference is I did it – you be tryna
You the real bussdown, what’s a guppie to a pirhana
And what’s a $100K to a mill?
I can flex, most of that go to your bills
I told you I’m a bully, don’t test me
You could never drag me I’m too heavy

Watch Jess Hilarious spit her shady bars below.




You may recall Kountry Wayne mentioned Gena makes $100,000 a year when he was explaining why Jess Hilarious dumped him on Valentine’s Day.




Whew, chile…the mess!

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