Jerhonda Pace Details Sexual Relationship With R. Kelly on The Real
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Jerhonda Pace Details Sexual Relationship With R. Kelly

Jerhonda Pace appeared on “The Real” on Monday and she told it all about her alleged sexual relationship with R. Kelly.

You may recall, she spoke out last month in a Buzzfeed exclusive claiming to have had a sexual relationship with the R&B superstar that began when she was 15-years-old.

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On “The Real,” Jerhonda Pace talked about being trained by a woman on how to please R. Kelly sexually. She recalled being locked in a room for days and detailed how she finally escaped his honeycomb hideout.

Well, he was preparing for a party at the time, and I told him that – my uncle lived a few doors down – and I wanted to go to my uncle’s house to grab some shoes. And he’s like, ‘Ok, well, you get there, you get the shoes and you come right back.’ And that moment, when I knew I got out of the house, I’m like, ‘I’m not going back. I refuse.’ I wasn’t going back.

I lied and I got out.

I left everything behind. Only thing I had in my hand was a cellphone. That’s because of course, you need to communicate with him to get back in.

So I left everything. And I just…never looked back.

Watch the videos below.

Jerhonda Pace was receiving settlement payments from R. Kelly to keep quiet about this alleged relationship.

She may face litigation for speaking out, but she doesn’t care because she wants the truth to be known.

I’m at a loss for words. So, I’ll ask…your thoughts?

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