JAY-Z‘s Team ROC has stepped in to provide legal aid to an Arizona family who was held at gunpoint and terrorized by police because their 4-year-old daughter walked out of the dollar store with a doll.

Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper are filing a $10 million lawsuit against the Phoenix Police Department after they ran down on the couple and their small children with guns drawn.

Then, they berated, assaulted, and threatened to shoot them because their little girl took a doll out of the Family Dollar Store.

Video of the incident has gone viral on social media and it’s extremely disturbing to watch.

Via The Blast:

The Blast is told Team ROC has now offered to step in to provide legal support for the family, as well as call for the termination of the policers officers involved in the incident.

We’re told the organization has secured high-powered attorney, Alex Spiro, to join the family’s legal team on a pro-bono basis and assist in filing charges against one of the police officers for child neglect.

Additionally, we’re told Spiro’s team plans to help the family with their civil lawsuit against the city of Phoenix.

Alex is the same attorney Team ROC secured to help 21 Savage when he was detained by ICE.

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Oh, and after everything the police put that Arizona family through – no arrests were made and no charges were filed.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams released the following message regarding the incident on Facebook. Watch here.

I will keep you posted on this case.

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