A day after Jason Mitchell returned to social media after a 5-month hiatus, the actor stopped by “The Breakfast Club,” to discuss the misconduct allegations that resulted in him being dropped by Hollywood like a hot potato.

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I understand the interview would be an attempt at damage control. But, to be Frank, I think Jason should have skipped this interview because it did more harm than good.

Jason had the worst case of selective amnesia that I’ve witnessed in a very long time. Rather than being truly accountable for his actions, the actor said he really has no idea what the allegations were against him.

He says a night out on the town in Mexico City with one of his female Desperados co-stars was the catalyst that led to his career falling apart faster than a wet taco.

Jason Mitchell said she got drunk and he felt it was his responsibility to get her home safely. The next thing he knew – he was being fired, paid in full, and sent on his way, for allegations he still isn’t clear on.

He said he did nothing wrong, but then Jason said, “There was a series of events that led to things being weird between us [the female actor].”

There were more contradictory moments throughout the interview especially when he began talking about being fired from “The Chi” and how he and Tiffany Boone were never really friends.

[I saw them in Atlanta after season one and based on what I witnessed with my own two eyes – I beg to differ.]

Jason Mitchell did offer this blanket apology:

For anybody who has ever been around me they know I’m one of the most love and sweet people in the world. 

If I did do anything…say anything…make anybody feel any kind of way…you have my deepest apologies. 

Watch the full interview below and let me know your thoughts?

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