Jason Mitchell has been laying low since his career blew up like nitro in May, but now he’s breaking his silence and there are a few things he wants you to know.

First things first, despite going radio silent on social media, ya boy has been lurking and when he saw a post about him being killed off of “The Chi,” he couldn’t hold his mule any longer.

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Jason commented on an Instagram post about his alleged demise on the Showtime hit series writing:

I think it’s time to make a statement…

To every commenting without any knowledge of what’s going on please stop. And to all my supporters I appreciate you all and I’m sorry I will no longer be in The Chi…but don’t believe what you read in the media or this fake ass post…

The Shade Room grabbed the hot screenshot:

Jason Mitchell - The Chi

I’m routing for Jason Mitchell. I truly hope he gets his act together and gets his career back on track because he is a really talented actor.

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