Jason Derulo Home Burglarized

Jason Derulo has unfortunately joined the laundry list of celebrities whose homes have been burglarized.

Thieves hit the singer’s home and made off with $300,000 in cash and jewelry. What sucks even more is it appears to be an inside job.

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement tells us multiple people forced their way into Derulo’s home, possibly breaking a door and window. We’re told they beelined it for one room where they stole $300,000 in cash and jewelry.

At some point later in the day, the maid discovered something was a miss. Cops believed it may be an inside job because the burglars only hit one room. And, we’re told, there maybe surveillance video.

Hopefully, everything was insured.

It’s such a terrible feeling when your sanctuary is violated. Trust me…I know first hand.

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