Jasmine Guy took to social media to remember Diahann Carroll, who passed away on Friday after a battle with cancer.

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The legendary and pioneering actress played Marion Gilbert, mother of Jasmine’s character, Whitley Gilbert, on the hit 90’s sitcom, “A Different World.”

In a post on her Instagram page, Jasmine wrote:

To the great Diahann Carroll, thank you for your grace, your beauty, and your love. Working with you was one of the high points of life in A Different World. We will miss you dearly.

See Jasmine Guy’s original post below.

Darryl M. Bell, who also starred on “A Different World,” took to social media to pay tribute to Ms. Carroll.

Having the opportunity to meet and work with one of your inspirations is rare enough. To have them exceed every expectation of who you thought they would be is a feeling that is difficult to convey in words.

Diahann Carroll was a giant, a trailblazer, wildly talented and one of the kindest artist I’ve ever met. It was a privilege to be around, learn and be mentored by her.

All of the A Different World family cherished every day she graced out set. I will miss her terribly and remember her lovingly. May she rest in power.??

See his original post below.

Diahann Carroll has paved the way and inspired so many. She will never be forgotten.

Rest in paradise.

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