Jasmine Eiland, the woman who was [allegedly] sexually assaulted in an Atlanta nightclub over the weekend, has hired famed sexual assault attorney L. Chris Stewart and Joshua Palmer of Stewart Trial Attorneys to conduct an independent investigation into the incident.

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Read the official press release below.

Jasmine Eiland Hires Prominent Sexual Assault Attorney L. Chris Stewart

On his Instagram page, Attorney L. Chris Stewart shared his thoughts and disgust with what he’s seen online in regards to Jasmine:

Breaking it down with my protege. I will literally never search the hashtag #jasmineeiland again. I don’t want to lose faith or not fight for the next black male shot by a cop. Bc it’s pissing me off. Absolutely disgusting.

I’ve watched podcast hosts literally try and explain why it’s not rape. Posts saying she wanted it. Posts saying she deserved it. So much hate. It’s on damn video!?! I’m done. Yet if a white cop is involved our stat team shows comments are above 90% supportive from black males. I’m sick..seriously.

That could be your f&@$ daughter, aunt, sister, whatever. I swear God is testing me to keep fighting for civil rights…but I get it. Little known fact, MLK lost a lot of support from his community when he spoke up on issues not directly related to what people thought he fought for.

Yes, I fight against police brutality but I fight just as hard and loud against sexual assault. Life… #inmyfeelings #ivefoughtforcountlessblackfemaleswhohavebeenassaultedandtheyalwaysgetattackedforspeakingupimsickofit #folkstalkishtillatragedythathitsthem #yeaimcallingusout??‍♂️ #whydontblackwomenmatterasmuch #iliterallythrewaglasswhenIsawthevideoandIwasntherlawyeryetmaybeitsjustme


There is an unconfirmed report stating a second woman has come forward claiming Dominique Williams allegedly assaulted her as well.

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I will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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