Aunt Viv is still mad y’all!

Janet Hubert had a few more things to get off of her chest. So, she took to YouTube and released a video where she fired shots at the black community, TV One and of course, Will Smith.

The actress said this is her final video (I’m sure it won’t be, but okay) and she goes on to explain why she released it:

I am not on this earth much longer and I will not go to my grave feeling that questions have been unanswered or misconceptions of me that you [Will Smith] put there have never been dealt with. 

First things first, Janet is really feeling some type of way about media outlets – she refers to as “N—a Networks” sharing her post and reporting on her son’s suicide attempt.

You may recall she blamed Will Smith for that.

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Janet is also angry with the media, specifically Cathy Hughes for questioning her mental health and not taking into consideration for what she is and has been dealing with in her personal life.

She eventually moved on to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and made mention of their “Red Table Talk” show on Facebook.

Janet accused them of “spilling the blood of their own children” on the table. Yikes!

Oh, and she’s still waiting for Will to apologize to her. Aunt Viv said since she knows she won’t be invited to the “Red Table” – she’ll invite them to her “Butcher Block!” Yikes!

Ms. Hubert says she “regrets” taking the role on the “Fresh Prince.”

She also blames the black community for the destruction of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Watch the full video below.

It’s so disheartening and at this point heartbreaking to see a queen totally consumed with hurt, anger, and hatred.

Janet Hubert is truly in a sunken place of her own. Sending my prayers and love to her for healing.

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