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Janelle Monáe Serves Melanin & Takes A Relaxing Milk Bath In Her ‘I Like That’ Video – Watch Now!

Janelle Monáe releases the dope visual for her latest single, “I Like That,” from her forthcoming album, “Dirty Computer.” Watch now.

janelle monae i like that video dirty computer

Just when I thought I found my fave song on Janelle Monáe‘s forthcoming album, Dirty Computer, she releases the official music video for “I Like That.”

The video, which is part of Janelle’s 44-minute “emotion picture” for her new album, features the gorgeous singer serving a healthy dose of melanin, braided masks and milk baths.

janelle monae i like that video dirty computer

The Dirty Computer film, co-starring Tessa Thompson, is “the story of a young woman named Jane 57821 (Janelle), who is living in a totalitarian near-future society where citizens are referred to as ‘computers.’ ‘Dirty Computer’ explores humanity and what tuly happens to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when mind and machines merg, and when the government chooses fear over freedom.”

janelle monae i like that video dirty computer


Watch Janelle Monáe’s “I Like That” video below. This is my jam!



Dirty Computer drops on Friday, April 27.

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