Jamie Foxx - Violeta Morgan


T.I.‘s mother, Violeta Morgan attended the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta on Saturday and got her entire life when Jamie Foxx snapped a few pics with her and her friend.

Ms. Vi took to her Instagram account to show off the pics with the caption, “My friend Zubedah & me with Jamie Fox at The Trumpet Awards 2015. Thank you Jamie Fox! You made my day!

In the photo above, where Ms. Violeta and Jamie were getting their prom swag on, she shared, “I had an awesome time at The Trumpet Awards last night! Jamie Fox was awarded. I feel honored that he took time out to take this picture with me! yeh!


Jamie Foxx - T.I.'s mother Violeta Morgan


Kudos to Jamie Foxx for being such a great guy and can I take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful T.I.‘s mama is?

Ms. Violeta better werk!

Photos: Instagram