Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have reportedly called it quits after carrying on a lowkey love affair for almost a decade.

An insider claims Jamie and Katie called it quits back in May.

Now, the comedian, singer and Oscar-winning actor is reportedly on to the next with a tenderoni named Sela Vave.

Sela is an actress, singer and model – according to her Instagram bio and Jamie is allegedly mentoring he career.

Tongues started wagging and blogs started popping after Jamie was spotted out and about over the weekend holding Sela’s hand.

The “Where’s Katie?” questions were plentiful. I must admit when I saw them together my first thought was: “What in the Diddy and Lorie Harvey is going on here?!”

Maybe their relationship is innocent and they’re just working together. Sela took to Instagram to gush about how grateful she is for Jamie and all that he does for her.

And just a week and a half ago, she was parlaying in The Hamptons with Jamie Foxx and Bon Jovi.

It’s hard to tell if Sela Vave is a homie/lover/friend or a mentee. But, I’m sure the truth will emerge eventually.

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