Jamie Foxx mentors Chris Brown


Jamie Foxx recently called into Hot 97 to shoot the breeze with Nessa about his newly released single, “You Changed Me” featuring Chris Brown.

During the convo, Jamie revealed he has a great relationship with Breezy. But, he’s also very tough on him when he gives him advice. Jamie Foxx also revealed something sweet Chris does for his little sister, who has Down’s Syndrome.

Chris is actually like my little brother.

Since Chris Brown came on to the scene, this guy would sneak over to my house at any given time. Just come over to give her [Jamie’s sister] a hug and dance with her and things like that.

I always root for him and I say, ‘Listen, you came along at a time when it’s hard for an artist or rock star to navigate in social media days.’

I tell him every time I talk to him…and he’ll tell you…you ask him about Uncle J.

I’m very tough on him. I tell him, ‘Listen…the things that you can fix, fix those. You have to let the music be your business and your lifestyle has to keep you safe.’

Jamie Foxx also gave the scoop on his forthcoming album, his Mike Tyson biopic, how Prince hurt his feelings, and much more.

It’s a great interview! Enjoy!



 NEW MUSIC: Jamie Foxx ‘You Changed Me’ Feat. Chris Brown