Jamie Foxx took to the streets of social media on Wednesday evening to set the record straight regarding his relationship with 21-year-old tenderoni, Sela Vave.

In a video on his Instagram Live, the Oscar-winning actor denied there is any hanky panky going on between him and the young beauty.

Jamie made it very clear that she is his artist and she’s living with him while he helps her launch her music career.

Rumors went into overdrive after Jamie and Sela were pictured leaving a party hand-in-hand. Then, kerosene was poured on the flame when we learned he and Katie Holmes had allegedly split.

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Read a few quotables from Jamie’s IG Live below:

When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Adam. He slept on my couch for six weeks.

He ended up going on to do great things. Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he would sleep in my old house. … Before Ne-Yo was Ne-Yo, he would come to the crib. Everybody comes to my crib, no matter who you are. … There is a young lady by the name of Sela Vave. I did the same thing with her.

Sela shared clips of the live on her IG page with the caption:

For the people who care… here is the TRUE story(swipe)… for everyone else you can keep talking and calling me a whore, slut, home wrecker, thot, gold digger, that I should die, and what ever else you want. Because it doesn’t matter to me, I’m out here to work and do what I love most. #music#killthedoublestandard

It’s unfortunate Sela was under attack over the dating rumors. But, while there is a double standard when it comes to men and women – people believing Jamie Foxx was dating a 21-year-old girl says more about his public perception than hers.

Let me know your thoughts on this!

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