Jaheim welcomes baby boy

Welp. It appears I am going to have to put Jaheim in the same box along with Keyshia Cole and other celebrities who pull stunts for attention.

On Tuesday, the R&B singer was flooded with congratulatory messages and made headlines across several media outlets after he appeared to have announced the birth of his son.

Even I was super excited for him and my ICC Friends wished him well too. But, it turns out the child is his great nephew.

The singer allowed people to shower him with attention and donation offers all day long. He later released another statement to set the record straight.

Rather than admitting he misled people (even his close friends were congratulating him) he apologized for us getting it wrong.

Ironically, while many of us were celebrating the baby…others were going in on Jaheim because they assumed the baby was mixed race and was mad about it.

Read what Jaheim had to say below.

So many phone calls and donations offers for everyone thought I had a lil mini me lol. People if this was my child I would be in the picture with him.
Sorry if anyone misread my message and to all my big brothers calm down I will always tell you when that privilege moment in earlier stages he is just my 1st great neph haha.

This is why don’t like posting family pics because it leads to things like this and for anyone to speak out on my family is out of place.

This is just all kind of wrong. I try let you guys in my world just a lil bit and you make your own accusations. I’m honored my niece name him, I’d like to believe after me if he has Jah, in his name so I don’t get the madness of me saying meet lil Jah.

That don’t mean that he’s my baby OMG.

I mean look at that gorgeous button lol thx niece and happy belated birthday and congratulations on being a new mom now remember all the lil small walks we had and I warned you how life is and its ok that if mess up just pull it together.

However, I did say he made me a great man meaning a Great Unc. I got these pics from my family and the message was his name is King Jah… I cannot remember the rest so we all will call him Baby Jahfir now.

I never got a chance to know his mom or her sister but regardless I will always love you guys.

Although you guys moved away I never stopped loving you guys and even when I heard all the bad I overlooked the wrong because you are cut from the same cloth.

Sorry I became who I am and didn’t have opportunities to see you all those times we’ve called and sent you many gifts from your birth till your mom moved and I’ve always supported my brother and I know he supported in those times and times things go bad but just know uncle Jah was always there always I am not mad I still love ya’ll.

Another word of the wise a baby can’t make someone great because they bring life in the world but except through title like great grand or great uncle etc.

And to all the negative sources get a life so trying to spread negative diversity my family don’t know you and your no referee. Like I said these Julie’s Eyes came into this world I became a great man.

Well, congrats to whoever the baby belongs to.

I can’t with attention whores.

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