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WAYMENT: Jaguar Wright Throws Shade At Jill Scott Over Viral Video


Jaguar Wright took to social media on Thursday and threw a ridiculous amount of shade at Jill Scott in regards to her “microphone check” video that has gone viral.

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Jaguar wanted to make it very clear that she doesn’t need “props and gimmicks” when she performs because she’s truly gifted.

She posted a video of herself performing with the caption:

Soooooo … when you’re truly gifted .. you don’t need props or gimmicks to make your point on stage.

All you have to do is open up .. and let it flow! When I open this mouth .. you’re not focused on what’s going in .. just what’s coming out!

Now if you’re blessed to know me beyond that .. then .. ain’t you lucky! But until then .. know this .. I don’t have to brag about this mouth! All you gotta do is ask.. somebody that knows! #weaintgottatalkaboutit#whataboutyourfriends #gramgonewild #ijs#imnotauditioning4pornhub#someonegivemeart

See Jaguar Wright’s original post below.

Of course, when people began to ask Jaguar about the post – she responded saying it wasn’t shade. Okay, sis.

Your thoughts?

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