Kyle and Marrika celebrated their impromptu nuptials with family and friends at the Suite Lounge in Atlanta.

The new bride revealed she’s still in a lot of pain, on several medications, and she only gets about three hours of sleep a night, but she’s not listening to the naysayers and haters who encourage her to leave Kyle.

Crediting my deep prayers and talks with God, my deep love for Kyle and conviction that Kyle really does love me and has vowed not to place his hands on me ever again. I am not listening to the naysayers who keep trying to say he doesn’t love me and encourage me to leave. I will admit, I am in a lot of pain every day, physically. I am on several different pain medications which keep me up. I am not able to get more than three hours of sleep. I’m attending counseling three times per week and I know in my heart that God will help me get through this. I’m blessed to be alive and still have the love and support of my familyl I am finding it easier each day to shun the haters that leave me text messages and voicemails.


Jagged Edge Kyle Norman marries Marrika Maria


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