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A member of the hit R&B group, Jagged Edge was arrested on Thursday morning in Atlanta and charged with aggravated assault.

Police responded to a domestic violence call at a home on Peters Street. The victim told them she had gotten into an argument with her fiance, Kyle Norman, about his drinking. Kyle Norman arrested aggravated assault

She said Kyle punched her, choked her with a scarf, then forced her engagement ring down her throat causing her to choke even more.

The police report states the victim had welts under both of her eyes, a golf ball-sized knot on her forehead, a cut on her nose, and a blood clot in her right eye that had burst.

According to police, Kyle Norman took the victim’s car keys away, broke her phone, and refused to allow her to leave.

The victim told officers she began to agree with Kyle’s rant in order to calm him down and once she saw an opportunity…she grabbed his cell phone and ran outside to a neighbor’s house for help.

An officer spotted Kyle running down the street. He stopped, turned around, and shouted, “I need to go to jail.”


Jagged Edge - Kyle Norman arrested aggravated assault


The singer was arrested, taken to Fulton County Jail, and charged with aggravated assault. His fiancée was transported to the Atlanta Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

Kyle Norman told police he lashed out at his fiancée because he was upset about his dad having cancer.

*blank stare*

Kyle has a history of violence. You may remember when he and Sisqo of Dru Hill were caught on video twirling backstage over some nonsense.

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Homeboy needs counseling and a trip to the Betty Ford Center.