Gotta Be….more careful.

Jagged Edge singer Brandon Casey has been slapped with a restraining order by his next door neighbor who claims the singer and others jumped her during a dispute.

Via TMZ:

The woman is Brandon Casey’s next door neighbor, and in court docs she says a fight erupted in her driveway when someone in Casey’s house got pissed about her son skateboarding. The person apparently thought the kid was on Casey’s property.

The neighbor says a heated argument got amped up when 6 people ran out of Casey’s house and “began to pummel” her. She says her husband had to break up the brawl.

She went to court to request, and was granted, a restraining order. Casey must now stay 25 feet away from the neighbor and her family.

Violence is no stranger to Jagged Edge. Years ago, the group reportedly fist fought 90’s R&B group, H-Town.

Lest we forget the way Kyle Norman brutally beat his wife, Marikka.