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Jagged Edge: ‘Kyle Norman Is Sick…We’re Sorry For Letting Y’all Down’

Jagged Edge


Jagged Edge has broken their silence on group member, Kyle Norman, who was arrested on Thursday for brutally beating his fiancée and allegedly shoving her engagement ring down her throat.

Jagged Edge Singer Arrested For Beating His Fiancée & Trying To Shove Her Engagement Ring Down Her Throat

According to a statement posted on Richard Wingo’s Instagram page, the R&B group denounced Kyle’s actions, acknowledge his history of substance abuse, and vows to get him help.

Read the full statement below.

In any team or group situation it takes multiple individuals to make a team. We, the members of Jagged Edge, are a team…yes, but in no way does Jagged Edge agree with nor condone the actions of our brother Kyle Norman.

Kyle is sick. He has had a substance abuse problem and has had it for a number of years. We are now seeking to get Kyle the help that he so dearly needs.

Brian and Brandon Casey along with the founding member, Richard Wingo, will continue to carry the Jagged Edge projects forward without Mr. Norman for the foreseeable future!

We ask that everyone pray for Kyle and his fiancée during this very tough time.

Thank you all.

Wingo added, “Just want to let all of our fans know we’re sorry for letting ya’ll down, but we’re gonna do any and everything to regain your trust again! Love.”

It’s good the group has committed themselves to getting Kyle help. It’s unfortunate that they knew their “brother” had substance abuse issues and turned a blind eye to it for “a number of years.”


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