Jada Pinkett Smith has joined Instagram thanks to her hubby, Will Smith.

On Thursday, Will excitedly announced, “I GOT HER ON THE GRAM!!”

In less than an hour, Jada accumulated over 300,000 followers and the number is steadily growing.

It’s definitely the perfect marketing strategy for Jada’s new Facebook show, “Red Table Talk,” with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, and her daughter, Willow Smith.

In a post her new IG page, Mrs. Smith wrote:

Instagram family,

@RedTableTalk is on its way, May 7th. This project has been an intense journey towards my healing and my need for more authenticity from within myself. This is the year of growth for me as I take terrifying steps towards my personal freedom thru experiences and discussions with my mother and daughter.  My growth has also consisted of being a witness to @WillowSmith and my mother’s need for change in their lives without my judgement or opinion. It’s been a ride!

We aren’t the only 3 who sit at the table. We will also have celebrity guests who visit, as well as other family members.  Will’s first wife, @ShereeFletcher, comes to talk about our journey of co- parenting @TreySmith0011. My son @c.syresmithvisits the table. And @WillSmith and I share the Red Table with my mother and @WillowSmith as we discuss the journey of transitioning from a “marriage”  to a life-partnership. We will discuss what that means, how we transitioned as a family, and how it has helped bring more ease and happiness to our family.

I’m putting it all on the Red Table while also giving permission to all those who are looking to be more… true to themselves… to do the same. It’s a process… that I’m looking so forward to experiencing with @Facebook and the @FacebookWatch community.

I came to Facebook Watch because the discussions and process can continue even after the airing of an episode.  Each Weds after the Monday airings of #RedTableTalk, I will be having Facebook live conversations where we can engage in the process of growth together in real time.

We are all trying to figure out this thing called, Life. We are all searching for our peace and joy. I’m excited to have an opportunity where we can do it together.


Get a first look at “Red Table Talk” below. It’s gonna be good!

The talks show premiere on Monday, May 7 on Facebook.

Will you be watching?