Jada Pinkett Smith Gives Howard Stern The Scoop On Will’s ‘Freedom’ In Their Marriage

Jada Pinkett Smith - Howard Stern



How do you interpret the “freedom” Jada Pinkett Smith says her husband has?


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2 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett Smith Gives Howard Stern The Scoop On Will’s ‘Freedom’ In Their Marriage”

  1. Whatever they do in their marriage is their buisness. I really honestly don’t think Will cheats. I think he may get attracted to his movie co-stars and flirts and stuff. But honestly, I don’t feel in my bones he dips out, or they swing or have an open marriage. I just feel like they’re totally honest with each other. If he’s attracted to another woman, he tells her. But I just feel like it doesn’t go further than that. Who the heck knows…lol. But I do believe they’ll be married until they die.

  2. I live by a similar philosophy.

    My husband and I made vows. I believe my husband is a man of integrity and upholds those vows so I dont check his email or phone logs nor prevent him from going on trips or other outings with his friends and I don’t question his platonic friendships with women, etc.

    It’s worked out for us thus far (15 years). My peers often comment on how good I have it. Since I don’t post on social media or discuss my marriage with others (outside of anonymous posts like this) they must be going off of what they see and hear when I’m not around.

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