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Jacquees Says He’s The Current King Of R&B, Tyrese, Tank, Usher & Others React (Video)

Atlanta R&B singer Jacquees proclaimed to be the current “King of R&B.” See reactions from Usher, Tyrese, Tank and others.


Well…Jacquees took to social media and proclaimed to be the current “King of R&B” and it’s caused quite a spirited debate.

Jacquees has definitely had a few bops – “You” is in heavy rotation in my car, however, “King” may be a bit premature.

Watch below as the 24-year-old makes his announcement and see reactions from J. Holiday, Eric Bellinger, Usher, Tyrese and Tank.


Ice Cream Convos YouTube


I slid smooth out of my office chair when someone mistook J. Holiday for the valet! ?


Here are a few more reactions to the debate…

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Heard ? talk

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? (.) #bornforthis

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#itsrealsimple #kingofr&b

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What are your thoughts on this?

Who do you think is the King or who are the Kings of R&B?

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