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Jackee Harry Encourages Fans To ‘Save Mya From The Pole’


Jackee Harry is no stranger to throwing shade. We watched her perfect her craft many moons ago as “Saaaandra Clark” on “227.”

25 years later…Jackee is still a shade master and her target is Grammy award-winning singer, Mya.

Mya made headlines and became an instant hot topic on social media after her “interesting” performance at the G5IVE strip club in Miami over the weekend.


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The “Fallen” singer popped, locked, twerked, gyrated, and dropped it on stage like her rent was past due while those in attendance made it precipitate on her. (We won’t post the video here.)

Jackee Harry took to her Twitter account to urge Mya‘s fans to buy her music to save her from the pole.

Jackee Harry - Mya Jackee Harry - Mya Jackee Harry - Mya


Ooooh Jackee!

Earlier this week, Mya responded to her critics (and those who straight up clowned her) by saying:

I am whatever I choose to be when I choose to be it. The joy of life. Live it. Been doin’ strip clubs, LGBT clubs, dance clubs, straight clubs, concerts, festivals since 1998 to date. I love all my fans and it don’t stop. Instagram generation is late as hell.

Mya is grown and she’s free to do whatever makes her happy and perform wherever they are still willing to book her.

But, in case you want to pitch in to save Mya from the pole…

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