Cyntoia Brown-Long‘s husband, J. Long, has received quite a bit of scrutiny since the news of their marriage went public.

He’s been accused of clout-chasing and his ex-wife, Pamela Long, of the former R&B trio, Total, even publicly warned Cyntoia about her husband.

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During their appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” J. Long addressed his ex-wife’s remarks calling them “selfish.”

I think that was very – and this is my first time speaking on this…

I think it was very selfish. I don’t know if she’s trying to reinvent her career. I don’t know what she’s trying to do.

I think it was very selfish of her to do that because me and my wife serious, man! We serious about what we’re doing. We’re serious about the message and I’ve been divorced from Pam almost four or five years now. 

And I didn’t even see her that much when we were married.

Cyntoia chimed in to confirm the divorce was finalized in 2014, three years before they met. 

J. continued:

I just feel like it was selfish of her to come out and do something like that because it’s like you discredit what my wife is trying to do – trying to attach your name to something like this.

Cyntoia chimed in again to add, “She warned me about him on social media.”

J. Long went on to say:

First of all, what do I have for sale? I no longer participate in the music industry. That’s not my thing. I gave that up. I tend to my home, I tend to my wife, and I tend to my business.

We are very financially stable. I’ve heard that…something about…cause my wife has a book deal…and I’ll get this straight.

With or without a book deal, my wife is going to be straight!  Cause we straight!

Cyntoia Brown added:

I been straight! I don’t know why people think that the minute your name is all over the place you’re rich. He’s been taking care of me!

Watch the video below (37:15 mark):

I wish them the best.

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